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'Lost Tomb of Jesus' Claim Called a Stunt; Archaeologists Decry TV Film
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The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Tombs; Documentary films; Publicity; Archaeology; Television programs -- Lost Tomb of Jesus, The
Author: Alan Cooperman - Washington Post Staff Writer
Date: Feb 28, 2007
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The filmmakers contend that the inscriptions on the boxes say Yeshua bar Yosef ([Jesus] son of Joseph), Maria ([Mary Magdalene]), Yose (Joseph), Matia (Matthew), Mariamene e Mara (Maria the Master) and Yehuda bar Yeshua (Judah son of Jesus). They maintain that "Mariamene e Mara" is Mary Magdalene and that Yehuda bar Yeshua may be her son by Jesus.

Jacobovici also said tests on the patina, or surface residue, of the "James Ossuary," which surfaced in 2002, indicate that it also came from the Talpiyot tomb. Israeli authorities have pronounced the James Ossuary, which purportedly held the bones of a brother of Jesus, a forgery and are prosecuting its owner. Jacobovici, who made a 2003 Discovery Channel film about it, maintains it is real.

[Jodi Magness] also said the names on the Talpiyot ossuaries indicate that the tomb belonged to a family from Judea, the area around Jerusalem, where people were known by their first name and father's name. As Galileans, Jesus and his family members would have used their first name and home town, she said.

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