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Army Gets A Foothold In Pakistan; Coup Leader, U.S. Envoy Discuss New Government
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The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Coups d etat; Armed forces; Governmental reform
Author: Constable, Pamela||||||Khan, Kamran
Date: Oct 16, 1999
Start Page: A.19
Section: A SECTION

Pakistan's Supreme Court justice and a group of senior judges gave their tacit support to the country's new army leadership today, military sources said, removing the last potential legal roadblock to the imposition of military rule.

Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf, the army chief of staff who declared a state of emergency and appointed himself the country's chief executive early this morning, held a 90-minute meeting with U.S. Ambassador William B. Milam that U.S. diplomats described as "good."

Milam expressed the Clinton administration's interest in the restoration of civilian rule but also listened at length to Musharraf's plans for forming a new government and tackling Pakistan's problems, the diplomats said. The general's plans reportedly include a sweeping overhaul of the political system, which most Pakistanis regard as corrupt and inefficient.

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