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The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Carlson, Peter
Date: Feb 24, 1991
Start Page: w.15

Today, PETA, which is based in Rockville, claims more than 350,000 members, a paid staff of more than 100 and an annual budget of more than $7 million. It is also a multimedia conglomerate that publishes books and magazines, organizes animal rights rock festivals and produces dozens of videotapes and public service announcements, some of them narrated by celebrities Mike Farrell, River Phoenix and k.d. lang. The PETA Catalog - whose cover features [Paul, Nero] and Linda McCartney in PETA T-shirts - advertises PETA coffee mugs, PETA pens, PETA watches, PETA shampoo and a line of PETA household cleaning products, as well as vegetarian dog biscuits and "the official PETA leash," which "helps your companion animals" - the word "pets" has been banished as condescending - "show their support for PETA."

That is an understatement. The battle over the monkeys has become a vicious mud fight, full of accusations of deception. PETA accuses NIH of "lying to Congress." [William Raub] accuses PETA of "outright fabrications." [Edward Taub] says that [Alex Pacheco] "doesn't stop at lying." Pacheco accuses NIH of "fraudulent research" concocted to "justify killing the monkeys." [Peter Gerone] says Pacheco "deals in perversion of truth." Pacheco charges Gerone with "lies and distortion."

PHOTO-COLOR;PHOTO-COLOR,,Max Aguilera Hellweg; PHOTO,,Alex Pacheco/peta;PHOTO,,D. Gorton/onyx CAPTION:One picture, two ponts of view: This photograph, taken before the 1981 raid on Edward TAub's lab, shows the results of an experiment involving one of the 17 Silver Spring Monkeys. The nerves in the monkey's left arm have been severed, and its good arm restrained by a bandage. Taub, whose lab took the photo, says it demostrates that a monkey can learn to use such a "deafferented" limb. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, however, describes the experiment as "tormenting the animals to force them to use their crippled limbs." CAPTION:Alex Pachero was a 23 year-old college student and veteran of militant protests when he infiltrated Taub's lab at the Institute for Behavioral Research in Silver Spring and triggered the police raid that helped make PETA the nation's fastest-growing animal rights group. CAPTION:In one of the controversial photos secretly shot by Pacheco in 1981 at the Silver Spring lab, a monkey named Domition is taped to a restraining chair that permitted researchers to pinch the animal to test his crippled arm for signs of sensation. PETA asserts this was abuse of the animals, but Taub says the experiment was brief and necessary. CAPTION:Still the focus of sharp debate and litigation over her fate, Sarah, at right, one of the eight surviving Silver Spring Monkeys, now serves as a surrogate grandmother to this group of young monkeys who live at the Delta Regional Primate Research Center near New Orleans. CAPTION:Edward Taub, who was convicted and later cleared of abusing the Silver Spring Monkeys at his government-funded lab, sits in his office at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, wearing sensors that he uses to measure hand temperature in biofeedback experiments.

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