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Fight racial profiling at local level, lawmaker says ; U.S. guidelines get mixed review
[Chicago Final Edition]
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, Ill.
Subjects: Local government; Guidelines; Racial profiling; Legislation -- Illinois
Author: V Dion Haynes, Tribune national correspondent
Date: Jun 29, 2003
Start Page: 8
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

PHOTO State Sen. [Barack Obama] (D-Chicago) thinks the new Justice Department guidelines against racial profiling are "more symbol than substance." He says states need to act on the problem. States take action against racial profiling Since 1999, 24 state legislatures have passed laws to end or discourage racial profiling. The most common measures include requiring police departments to collect data about traffic stops, write policies against racial profiling and give officers special training about the practice. States with laws that attempt to address racial profiling WASH., ORE., CALIF., NEV., UTAH, MONT., TEXAS, COLO., OKLA., KAN., NEB., MINN., MO., LA., KY., TENN., FLA., N.C., MASS., CONN., R.I., N.J., MD., W.VA. Source: National Conference of State Legislatures Chicago Tribune

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