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Has the time for Chelsea's annexation to Boston come? The Hub hasn't grown since 1912, and something has to follow that beleaguered community's receivership
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Rezendes, Michael
Date: Oct 13, 1991
Start Page: 80
Section: FOCUS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Likely candidates include Mayor Flynn, who expressed interest in annexation as early as May, several months before Chelsea slid into receivership. "I would like to see if both the people of Boston and the people of Chelsea could benefit from our unity in becoming a stronger and more potent force," Flynn said in an interview last spring.

Thomas Snyder, Flynn's new fiscal director, says Boston officials reviewing annexation from a variety of angles have concluded that a municipal merger would force Boston to subsidize Chelsea if residents of both cities were to receive similar levels of service. "Viewed strictly in dollar terms, Chelsea's gain would come at Boston's expense," Snyder says.

As things stand, resistance to any dissolution of Chelsea's identity appears to run deep among many of the struggling city's elected officials. But Mayor John Brennan, who was unceremoniously stripped of his power when [James Carlin] was appointed receiver, says he'd be willing to make the pitch for annexation if it appears to be the most viable long-term solution to Chelsea's fiscal ordeal.

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