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A Reactor for Japan
The Washington Post and Times Herald (1954-1959) - Washington, D.C.
Date: Sep 23, 1954
Start Page: 18
Pages: 1
Section: SPORTS

That was a brilliant idea of Commissioner Thomas C. Murray that we should build a nuclear power reactor in Japan to generate electricity. The opportunity presents itself with the pending arrival in this country of Premier Yoshida. Unless Japan can be fitted into the free world economy, the free world faces a setback which will be most serious. Last year Japan's imports were worth approximately 2.4 billion dollars, roughly twice the value of her exports; this year, for the first six months, her trade deficit exceeded 6.9 million dollars. Of course Japan needs herself to take steps to remedy internal ills, but, no matter what she does, she will be in need of American assistance. Already the Russians, sensing the urgent needs of the Japanese and therefore the political opportunities in Japan, are making overtures.

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