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Psychic Spying?
The CIA, the Pentagon And the Russians Probe The Military Potential Of Parapsychology A Murky Business "Remote Viewing" Psychic Spying? From ESP to Voodoo The Geller Tests "Scanate" or "Bullpasture?" Bad Drives Out Good Mind Trips to Jupiter? The Scientology Link
The Washington Post (1974-Current file) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Wilhelm is a former national science correspondent for Time magazine. His book on psychic research, "The Search for Superman," was published last year.By John L. Wilhelm
Date: Aug 7, 1977
Start Page: 27
Pages: 2
Section: OUTLOOK Columnists/Editorials

FOUR YEARS ago, officers of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency participated in a series of unusual experiments run by Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to verify claims that certain people have psychic abilities. The results SRI reported were astonishing.

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