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Plague Develops in Two Pas- sengers on the Moltke. VESSEL HELD SINCE MONDAY Patient, Reports Dr. Doty, Is of the Kind Known as "Cholera Carrier" -- Suspi- cious Case on Same Ship, Taken to Hospital on Her Arrival, Also Proves to Be Plague -- Boat Out of Quarantine.
The Washington Post (1877-1922) - Washington, D.C.
Date: Oct 10, 1910
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New York, Oct. 9 -- A case of cholera developed today in the steerage of the Hamburg-American liner Moltke, which has been detained at quarantine as a possible cholera carrier since Monday last. Dr. A.H. Doty, health officer of the port, reported the case tonight with the additional information that another cholera patient from the Moltke is under treatment at Swinburne Island.

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