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Guarding Sick Mistress, He Tears Woman and Child. BOTH VICTIMS NEAR DEATH Neighbor, Going to Aid of Epileptic, At- tacked by Unreasoning Brute, and Her Son, Trying to Help Her, Mangled by Fangs -- Crowd Stands by Afraid to Help Boy Hero -- Animal Is Shot.
The Washington Post (1877-1922) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Special to The Washington Post.
Date: Aug 4, 1909
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New York, Aug. 3. -- Mrs. Freida Sness and her son Fred, aged 8, were taken from their home in Flatbush to a hospital today, both probably mortally wounded by a brindie bulldog. The surgeons say there is no hope for the mother, whose throat, chest, and arms are frightfully torn.

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