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Prisoner Accounts Suggest Detention At Secret Facilities; Rights Group Draws Link to the CIA
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Prisoner transfers; Terrorism; Covert operations; Prisons
Author: White, Josh
Date: Nov 7, 2005
Start Page: A.11
Section: A SECTION

After his arrest and initial questioning, [Muhammad Assad] was taken to a waiting airplane, and his family was told that he was deported to Yemen, according to Amnesty International. Yemeni authorities denied that Assad had entered the country, and Tanzania later informed Assad's father that he had been turned over to U.S. officials.

Salah Ali and Muhammad Bashmilah, who were living in Indonesia, were arrested in August and October 2003, respectively; Ali in Jakarta and Bashmilah in Amman, Jordan. They were taken to a Jordanian prison and tortured -- badly beaten and chained in uncomfortable positions -- by Jordanian authorities before being transferred to U.S. custody, according to Amnesty International. Both men had traveled to Afghanistan in 2000 to learn about jihad, but neither man fought against the United States, according to [Anne FitzGerald].

FitzGerald said that the two Indonesian detainees were barely interrogated after their first few weeks, perhaps an acknowledgment that they did not know much. All three were released to Yemeni authorities in May. Ali and Bashmilah are in the central prison in Aden, and Assad is at a security prison at Al Ghaydah. Their families now know they are alive, FitzGerald said.

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