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The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Startups
Date: Nov 21, 2005
Start Page: D.05

Big idea: FortiusOne is the brainchild of Sean Gorman, a George Mason University graduate who used publicly available information to develop a method of mapping infrastructure to analyze vulnerabilities and interdependencies. His doctoral dissertation in 2004 unnerved national security officials, who sought to classify his research. Gorman started his own company based on that research in July and said he is now collaborating with the government agencies that wanted his research classified. He said his software helps organizations prepare for imminent disasters as well as determine which investments will best fortify their facilities. "Instead of developing business continuity plans that sit on a shelf, we want to deliver a business continuity capability so you can react in real time to turbulences that happen on a daily basis," said Gorman, president and chief technology officer.

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