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No Guzzle, No Glory; History Says Gas Spike Won't Smother SUV Love
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Gasoline prices; Sport utility vehicles
Author: Weisman, Jonathan
Date: Jun 13, 2004
Start Page: F.01

That's especially true for someone willing to pay more than $54,000 for an SUV that barely clears 10 miles per gallon. David Harris, Hummer sales manager at Moore Cadillac and Hummer, put it succinctly: "The majority of people who buy a top-end SUV for the most part are not concerned about fuel economy."

The one tangible sign of anxiety over gasoline usage appears to be the abuse being hurled at SUV owners, especially Hummer owners. The Web site, which encourages a center-finger salute to the vehicle, has so far posted 682 photos of such salutes. sells bumper stickers with its own prescription. The radical environmental group Earth Liberation Front boasts of a half-dozen attacks on SUV dealerships last year, including one in West Covina, Calif., that did $2.5 million in damage.

Not that the owners seem to mind. Of the 300 Hummer H2s that Capitol Hummer in Greenbelt has sold, "I've never had a customer that's called up and said, 'I can't deal with this anymore. I need to get rid of this,' " said Hummer manager Glen Cardolino.

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