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Gay Characters Gaining TV Popularity
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Author: Scott, Tracy L
Date: Nov 30, 2003
Start Page: Y.06
Section: TV TAB

"Broadcast networks have a lot to learn about well-rounded gay" characters, said [Scott Seomin], who mentioned HBO's "The Wire" and "Six Feet Under" as shows with gay characters that are as well-developed and complex as their heterosexual counterparts, but just happen to prefer the same sex.

"In gay and lesbian history -- and I don't mean just TV history and particularly in modern times -- you can divide the gay and lesbian movement into two parts: before [Ellen DeGeneres] came out and after Ellen came out," said Seomin.

"It's about acting. Gay roles don't have to go to gay actors. If we were saying that, it would say that [gay actors] can't play straight roles," said Seomin, who noted that other roles of minorities are usually offered to members of that particularly minority first.

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