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Low-Budget Reality, On Sale Everywhere; Street Cameramen Shoot Whatever Moves. Their DVDs Are Moving, Too
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The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: DVD; Assaults; Teenagers; Video recordings
Author: Hopkinson, Natalie
Date: Jul 16, 2003
Start Page: A.01
Section: A SECTION

Bag of Beats Records, a go-go label, has released several low- budget DVDs. "It's our way to reach out to the kids who can't come out every night," says Richard O'Connor, co-owner of the label, which has helped produce DVDs for Fatal Attraction Band and What? Band. The value of the DVD "Fatal Attraction: Crankin' Ain't Easy, Live at the IGA" may not be its cinematography: For $19.99, parents can get an answer to what exactly happens after they drop their teenagers off at the go-go. Turns out it's plenty of shout-outs, or bands "putting on" their kids' cliques and crews, and teenagers losing their minds on the dance floor. Although the lighting is poor and the picture grainy, you can see one girl in a black cat suit winding and grinding like a pole dancer. But when an errant hand lunges at her, she slaps it away.

Even a webzine is getting into the DVD format. Take Me Out to the Go-Go (TMOTTGoGo) put out a DVD edition last month, finding the emerging format cheaper than print. Interviews are cleverly spliced into picture-in-picture footage from "urban couture" fashion shows and concerts by Backyard Band and Raw Image. Young fans effuse about the value of go-go and how they are trying to keep it alive.

For the filmmakers' part, most wouldn't provide sales figures, but it's safe to say they aren't exactly striking gold. But with the low cost of producing the DVDs -- it just takes a computer, a video camera, a DVD burner and blank DVDs, which sell for less than a dollar -- that isn't a big concern. Some are beginning to find a more pressing issue.

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