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Some Entrepreneurs Still Just Want To Have Fun
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Web sites; Entrepreneurs; Internet
Author: McCarthy, Ellen
Date: Apr 3, 2003
Start Page: E.01

PartyDigest is a weekly e-mail newsletter with listings of charity balls, self-improvement seminars and other local events. It was slow going at first, [Vohra] said, with doubts creeping up at every turn. But within a few years, his firm's growth on the Web exploded, and his idea seemed more valuable than he imagined. Bigger players such as NetCalendar and the Republican National Committee wanted to buy services from PartyDigest, and the company grew to 25 employees.

Now PartyDigest, of Springfield, sends newsletters to about 200,000 subscribers in eight cities throughout the United States. Advertisers pay about $325 for a single listing of their event. Vohra said he expects the company's revenue to top $500,000 this year. With five employees who work from home and a few part-timers, PartyDigest has modest ambitions for growth, although Vohra said it has been able to keep about 60 percent of its revenue as profit.

Like PartyDigest, DCpages -- which is run by [Luke Wilbur]'s umbrella company, Infohall -- rode the bigger dot-com wave and was nearly acquired by San Francisco-based Craigslist (which has its own listings for the District). But the deal fell through, and DCpages remained independent and privately funded.

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