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Danish Professor Denounced for 'Scientific Dishonesty'; Panel of Scientists Assails Scholarship of Book Praised in Press -- 'The Skeptical Environmentalist'
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The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Scientists; Books-titles -- Skeptical Environmentalist, The
Author: Pianin, Eric
Date: Jan 8, 2003
Start Page: A.20
Section: A SECTION

Once hailed as a brilliant iconoclast who challenged environmentalists' gloom-and-doom prognoses of global warming, overpopulation and worldwide hunger, Danish author [Bjorn Lomborg] yesterday was denounced by a panel of his country's top scientists for engaging in "scientific dishonesty."

Members of the Danish Research Agency -- Denmark's equivalent of the National Academy of Sciences -- said Lomborg had "clearly acted at variance with good scientific practice" in light of his "one- sidedness in the choice of data and line of argument." The panel, responsible for investigating allegations of scientific dishonesty, said Lomborg lacked "any special scientific expertise" in dealing with "the extraordinarily wide-ranging scientific topics" in his book.

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