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Perkin' on the Railroad
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Bookstores; Musical performances
Author: Brace, Eric
Date: Jan 18, 2002
Start Page: T.05
Section: WEEKEND

[Kevin Hammond] grew up in Seat Pleasant and attended Duke Ellington and Bowie high schools. The 36-year-old remembers seeing Trouble Funk and E.U. at Club LeBaron as a teenager, but it was a Rare Essence show when he was 14 that really did it. "When I saw Rare Essence, I was hooked," Hammond says. "And I've been hooked ever since."

During a stint in the army, Hammond put together a go-go band in Germany, "with all the guys from around here, you know?" When he returned, Hammond knew his path was musical and not theatrical. He played guitar with Little Benny & the Masters from 1988 through 1992. Then Hammond joined Proper Utensils as a rapper for two years. "When I left Proper, it was with a vision to try to do something with go- go, something big. I didn't know what it would be, but after writing for DC Music News, I knew I had to create TMOTTGoGo." (He pronounces it "Tee-mott go-go.")

Last week, Hammond reported the results of the 4th annual TMOTTGoGo Awards. Hundreds of online voters decided the winners (Hammond reassures that repeat voters weren't allowed), which were: Up & Coming Band: TCB Band; Intermediate Band: Uncalled 4 Band; Male Vocalist: Chuck Brown; Female Vocalist: Kimberly Graham (Rare Essence); Stage Show: Rare Essence; Radio/TV Media Support of Go-Go: MHz Urban's "Neighborflava"; Tightest New Act: 911; Gospel Act: Krazie Praise; Tightest Album: "Your Game . . . Live at the 9:30 Club" (Chuck Brown); Tightest Pocket: Backyard Band; Band of the Year: Chuck Brown.

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