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Author Says He Lied in Book on Anita Hill
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Sexual harassment; Books-titles -- Blinded by the Right
Author: Kurtz, Howard
Date: Jun 27, 2001
Start Page: C.01
Section: STYLE

[Kaye Savage], who had made some disparaging comments about [Clarence Thomas] in "Strange Justice," soon got a visit from [David Brock]. Armed with the personal information, Brock says, he demanded that Savage "give me a written statement retracting the statements in 'Strange Justice' . . . or I would blacken her name, just as I had done to every other woman who had impugned Thomas's reputation." He says Savage later faxed him a statement backing off her earlier criticism.

Brock says he also tried to "blow away" [Jane Mayer] and [Jill Abramson]'s contention that Thomas had been a frequent customer at the X-rated video store Graffiti during the early 1980s, when [Anita Hill] alleged he had graphically discussed such videos with her. According to Brock, Thomas confirmed, again through [Mark Paoletta], that he often rented pornographic videos from Graffiti.

"Confirmation that Thomas frequently rented porno tapes made Hill's entire story much more plausible," Brock writes. Nevertheless, in a Spectator review of "Strange Justice," Brock wrote that there was no evidence that Thomas had ever rented a single X-rated video, dismissing the book as "one of the most outrageous journalistic hoaxes in recent memory."

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