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For Every Celebrity Angle, a Serious Hook
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Scandals; Media coverage
Author: Kurtz, Howard
Date: Jun 18, 2001
Start Page: C.01
Section: STYLE

On the site's message board, [Jim Cramer] called [Don Luskin]'s writings "gibberish" and boasted when stocks that Luskin had recommended dropped. Luskin was particularly upset at being described as "disingenuous. . . . Of course, calling me 'disingenuous' is just a coward's way of calling me a liar. . . . I am angry at the way I was libeled."

Says Cramer: "If it is mean to mention that a fund is down a hideous amount, and if it is mean to say that a fund has lost millions upon millions of hard-earned dollars for investors, and if it is mean to say to our readers that these kinds of performances are not acceptable, then indeed I am a 'meanie.' But given that I never mentioned Luskin or his fund by name when I talked about underperforming managers -- and, in fact, pointedly left his name out of my attacks on underperforming managers BECAUSE he wrote for our site -- I find the libel charge a little fanciful."

His wife, Sharon Stone, had arranged a behind-the-scenes tour of the Los Angeles Zoo, where a zookeeper let [Phil Bronstein] into the cage of the Komodo dragon lizard -- suggesting that he doff his tennis shoes because the lizard eats white rats. The animal promptly chomped on the editor's bare foot, crushing a toe and tearing two tendons.

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