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Trendy Teens Make Mall Their Hip Hangout
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Author: Alter, Cathy
Date: Apr 12, 2001
Start Page: T.12

Near a rack filled with voluminous pants, throngs of nervous- looking boys peer out from under tennis visors and pretend not notice the flashy lasses. A tiny salesgirl with soft pink hair and a pierced lip cruises the store's main aisle, lost in a techno-induced reverie. The Arundel Mills clothing emporium is practically a casting call for MTV's Total Request Live. And the scene outside Hot Topic, just off the mammoth mall's food court, is equally teeming.

"Talk about the pants! The pants!" shrieks [Christina Ford], waving one of her pink ponytails in [Toni Gramer]'s direction. Gramer rolls her eyes dramatically.

Gramer, who is wearing a necklace that spells out "Support Local Music" in baby beads, describes herself as the ultimate groupie. Her parents sometimes let her drive into the District to see favorite bands such as Slipknot at the 9:30 Club. And they don't raise any objections to her treks to Arundel Mills.

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