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Wilson High Suspect Gave Two Accounts, Officers Say
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Shootings; Investigations; Secondary school students; Murders & murder attempts
Author: Tucker, Neely
Date: Jan 5, 2001
Start Page: B.5
Section: METRO

[Carlton Blount], 19, could face the District's harshest penalty, life in prison without parole, if convicted of charges that he killed [Andre Wallace] and [Natasha Marsh], a popular couple at the high school. The shooting, in Marsh's driveway in Northeast Washington, followed a brawl between Wallace and Blount at a Wilson High basketball game.

In the first day of pretrial motions yesterday, attorneys Claudia Crichlow and Anthony Houghton said that Blount was extremely upset at the time he made the statements and that he had asked the officers to call his attorneys that day. But when they got only an answering machine, the officers called the U.S. attorney's office, ostensibly looking for someone who might help the frustrated Blount reach his defense counsel.

He told the guards that a third man they picked up, Julian Jones, was the only one in [Jermaine Johnson]'s truck with a gun. Blount said that when the trio caught up with Wallace and Marsh, he got out and challenged Wallace, a muscular football star, to fight again.

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