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MARYLAND NOTEBOOK; Sarbanes-Rappaport Forum A Matter of Great Debate
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Author: Montgomery, Lori
Date: Oct 26, 2000
Start Page: M.12

Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes (D) may have redefined the term in last week's encounter with Republican challenger Paul H. Rappaport on Maryland Public Television.

In his opening statement, Sarbanes defused one of Rappaport's most potent points, the question of why Sarbanes has repeatedly refused invitations to debate Rappaport. "What are you afraid of?" Rappaport demanded.

"Look, Mr. Rappaport is free to try to get television people to come cover these debates" in Rockville and Timonium, [Mike Davis] said. "If we did what Rappaport wanted, we'd be debating every other day."

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