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Suspended Animation; In Washington, a Jittery Lull in the Action
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Politics; Election results; Presidential elections
Author: Ringle, Ken
Date: Nov 9, 2000
Start Page: C.01
Section: STYLE

The General Services Administration had scheduled a ceremonial news conference yesterday where June Huber, the director of presidential transition support, was supposed to turn over to representatives of President-elect Gore or President-elect Bush the keys to the 90,000 square feet of transition offices at 1800 G St. NW.

The nation's voters, it could be argued, have gone to rather extraordinary lengths to pronounce Bush and Gore equally distasteful. But now what? The ship of state is in irons, unable to maneuver or move ahead, the prisoner of Elian Gonzalez's relatives, a lot of Lieberman-leaning ex-Manhattanites, and assorted condominium developers, orange-growers and alligator-wrestlers on the Tamiami Trail.

David Makovsky, a senior fellow at a Washington think tank on Middle East policy, was one of the head-shakers waiting in the lobby, commiserating with a government official suffering through a jury- delay on his career. "I've just returned from Israel, and this would have been a no-brainer there--Gore would just offer Nader a Cabinet position and coalition and--bingo!--a clear Gore win," said Makovsky.

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