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For 'Johnnies,' Classy Reunion; With Academic Events, College's Homecoming Designed as Mindful Discourse
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Author: Alter, Cathy
Date: Sep 21, 2000
Start Page: M.04

The football games, pep rallies and bonfires that mark most college homecoming weekends won't be anywhere in evidence. Instead the "Johnnies," as St. John's students and alumni call themselves, are flocking to homecoming for a provocative two-hour physics seminar titled "What Is Force?" or a heated discussion of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" or a thoughtful meditation on John Donne's "A nocturnall upon S. Lucies day, Being the shortest day."

Where other homecomings culminate in a rah-rah football game, St. John's has its traditional soccer classic, which pits alumni against current students. The alumni even win sometimes, [Roberta Gable] reports.

A regular donor to the school, [Cynthia Keppel] also serves as a contact for prospective students. And even though she and her husband, also a St. John's alumnus, won't be able to attend this year's homecoming, Keppel will forever be a St. John's student. "Well, I guess I haven't graduated. I continue to read works of worth. I tossed the TV years ago and am certain there's a ring in hell for those who value People magazine."

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