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Gore for President . . .
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Political campaigns; Endorsements; Presidential elections
Author: Raspberry, William
Date: Nov 3, 2000
Start Page: A.33
Section: OP/ED

[Al Gore] does know government (though even here he comes off as a wonky know-it-all). His service to Clinton, and in Congress long years before that, has given him a grasp of America's interests and priorities that it would take Bush years to acquire. My guess is that he would be a far better president than candidate. But it's just a guess. Maybe, as Bush's supporters insist, the governor will be prevailed upon by his advisers (including his infinitely more knowledgeable father) to appoint smart people to handle those areas in which his own knowledge, experience and interest fall short. But that for me is a bigger, more dangerous guess.

I say this as an early fan of George W. Bush. Three days short of two years ago, I found myself describing the Texas governor as a Republican "pearl of a presidential candidate." "The thing that gives Bush his luster," I wrote then, "is his ability to reach out--not just to the full range of Republicanism but also to blacks, Hispanics and others not particularly wedded to the party at all."

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