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Documents Released On Chilean Slayings; Informant Discussed American's '73 Death
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The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Coups d etat; Journalists; Government documents; Classified information; Murders & murder attempts
Author: Loeb, Vernon||||||Lardner, George, Jr
Date: Jul 1, 2000
Start Page: A.19
Section: A SECTION

The State Department records released yesterday show that in 1987 a Chilean intelligence officer identified Pedro Espinoza as the official who ordered Horman's execution. Espinoza went on to become deputy director of DINA, the Chilean secret police, and was convicted and imprisoned in Chile for participating in the 1976 car-bomb murder of former diplomat Orlando Letelier on Washington's Embassy Row.

Another theory, set out by a CIA source in a November 1987 report, is that a Chilean army patrol interrogated and fatally beat Weisfeiler, perhaps thinking he was a "subversive" who had sneaked across the Argentine border. A CIA memo called this account "more plausible" and suggested that the earlier story may have been fabricated by Chilean military intelligence to mislead the embassy.

The documents concern the fate of Horman and two other U.S. citizens, Frank Teruggi and Boris Weisfeiler, who were killed during [Augusto Pinochet]'s rule. They provide little information about Teruggi, who, like Horman, was a journalist arrested for suspected "extremism" by Chilean authorities. But they provide a wealth of new details about Weisfeiler, including a CIA memo indicating the Russian emigre and mathematics professor was detained by a military patrol in southern Chile and "fatally beaten."

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