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Murder on the Canal
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Century in review; Series & special reports; Murders & murder attempts
Date: Oct 13, 1999
Start Page: C.16
Section: STYLE

The Post gave banner coverage to the seemingly random killing of Georgetown socialite Mary Meyer along the C&O Canal in 1964. She was later identified as a paramour of President Kennedy, and her diary, found the day after her death, contained brief details of her liaisons with JFK. The diary was eventually destroyed in accordance with her wishes. Ray Crump, the man arrested for the murder, was later acquitted, and Meyer's death remains a mystery. An excerpt from The Post of Oct. 13, 1964:

Mary Pinchot Meyer, a Georgetown artist with "a hundred thousand friends," was shot to death yesterday as she walked along the towpath of the C&O Canal. She had often walked the same path with Mrs. John F. Kennedy.

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