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It Takes a Village Welcome; For the First Lady, Chappaqua Practical
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Congressional elections; Neighborhoods
Author: Levine, Irene
Date: Sep 12, 1999
Start Page: B.05
Section: OUTLOOK

Like you, when I moved with my family from the Washington area to New York state, I picked the beautiful hamlet of Chappaqua. Since we shall soon be neighbors, I am sending this memo to prepare you for your arrival and help you make your transition.

You'll love my family physician, Dr. Finkelstein, whose office is up the hill on King Street. The ongoing debate in town revolves around whether or not decent medical care is available outside of Manhattan. I know it is. Dr. Finkelstein is caring, compassionate and competent. But please take note: Since you are not on Medicare, you will have to pay out of pocket because Dr. Finkelstein doesn't accept other third-party payers. He believes he can't practice good medicine under the constraints of managed care.

While we don't do Washington-style power lunches during the school year, Chappaqua ladies often meet at local restaurants, such as Giona's Tuscan Kitchen, Peabody's Pub or Susan Lawrence. They are great places to relax, get to know your neighbors, and, for those of us with children still at home, to work out PTA assignments or carpooling arrangements.

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