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An Urban Myth Sees the Light Again
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Subjects: Gossip; Gangs
Author: Maria Elena Fernandez
Date: Nov 15, 1998
Start Page: B.02
Section: METRO

That is an old, unfounded rumor that has recently resurfaced in the Washington area. Fliers purveying the tale are appearing in residential neighborhoods, the Internet is saturated with warnings, and law enforcement officers are being bombarded by public inquiries,

The story goes like this: Prospective gang members drive around at night with their headlights off, waiting for other drivers to flick their headlights as a courtesy alert. The youths then shoot at and try to kill the drivers.

The rumor of the gang initiation rite emerged five or six years ago and spread from California to Washington via fax, the media and word of mouth. Law enforcement officials say it returns every couple of years and speculate it has recently picked up steam because of a recurring plot element in the movie "Urban Legend."

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