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The Washington Post - Washington, D.C.
Author: Gerhart, Ann||||||Groer, Annie
Date: Jun 16, 1998
Start Page: E.03
Section: STYLE

That didn't stop David [Westin], 45, from dropping to one knee at the top of the Empire State Building and popping the question Thursday night, Sherrie's 40th birthday. A number of tourists with no idea who the couple was started clapping and snapping pictures mid-proposal.

Last spring, Sherrie Rollins vigorously denied published reports that she and Westin, separated from their spouses, were an item. A close friend of Ed [Rollins]'s, however, said at the time that Rollins discovered the liaison "by accident" and confronted his wife of 10 years, who admitted it.

Well, he doesn't feel that way about Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), his sometime political ally. McCain has apologized to Clinton for the vile joke he told last week at the expense of Chelsea and Hillary Rodham Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno. And the president has accepted. While declining to release the senator's letter to the president, both sides are describing the apology as "abject, contrite and profuse."

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