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The Scholar Who Raised Clinton's Bile; Elizabeth McCaughey Enjoys Healthy Debate
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Kurtz, Howard
Date: Feb 4, 1994
Start Page: c.01
Section: STYLE

[Elizabeth McCaughey], a career academic with a PhD in constitutional law, is the author of a Feb. 7 New Republic cover story that eviscerates President Clinton's health care plan. She says the Clinton prescription would lead to rationing, price controls, patients being unable to choose their own doctors, and various other calamities.

McCaughey dismisses the counterattack in measured tones. "The style of the rebuttal is to deny what I've said and restate the same point in more euphemistic language," she says. "For example, they say there are no price controls in the president's plan. We all know that's not true."New Republic owner Martin Peretz solicited the article after reading two of McCaughey's attacks on the health plan on the Wall Street Journal's unflinchingly conservative Op-Ed page. "I had an instinct that she was going to get their goat, and she certainly has," he says.

McCaughey, 45, is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, which happens to be the hot think tank after providing intellectual guidance to New York's new Republican mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. McCaughey's fellowship is funded by the conservative John M. Olin Foundation, which is underwriting her book on race and the legal system.

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