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The Geo-Politics of Oz;Now It Can Be Told! Treachery, Tin Men, Hegemony and Toto
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Seeley, W Geoffrey
Date: Dec 26, 1993
Start Page: C.05
Section: OUTLOOK

So taken aback was [Glenda] that she blurted, "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" A cleverer opponent would have sensed Glenda's hidden agenda and reacted accordingly, but [Dorothy] instead revealed herself as a naive, harmless, lost traveler. Glenda, her relief and delight palpable, confidently called out the local residents, the Munchkins, to celebrate the witch's death. Glenda was forced to watch gamely as the Munchkins held a lighthearted inquest and wild celebration, lionizing Dorothy to excess, but at that moment the dead witch's sister, and Opportunity, arrived as one.

Mad with grief and frustration at finding the two women there, the western witch immediately realized who killed her sister. But instead of demanding to know what Glenda thought she was doing in her late sister's territory, she focused her rage on Dorothy. Glenda, hearing Dorothy's craven responses, knew she had the most perfect patsy and immediately caused the dead witch's ruby slippers to appear on Dorothy's feet, further inflaming the western witch's malice.

The Munchkins, in the meantime, were thoroughly traumatized by this tableau. Glenda, thinking quickly, told Dororthy she was unsafe there and must move on, a gesture meant to further the Munchkins' confidence in her protection of them. Dorothy was quickly hustled to the edge of town and sent on her way, at Glenda's suggestion, to the Emerald City, claiming only the Wizard of Oz could help Dorothy get home to Kansas. Glenda knew the ruby slippers would easily do the job but decided that a destabilizing force such as Dorothy might be just the thing to shake up her other rival.

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