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For Ex-Defendant, P Street Case Still a Nightmare
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Milloy, Courtland
Date: Feb 7, 1993
Start Page: B.01
Section: METRO

Harry Davis had been in bed that morning a year ago when he heard a knock on his apartment door in Fort Washington. He got up, put on his pants and opened the door. Fifteen police officers, carrying assault weapons and dressed in black garb that looked like some kind of ninja outfits, stormed in, knocked Davis to the floor and held him there with a shotgun to his head.

Nevertheless, then-Attorney General William P. Barr held a spectacular news conference at the Justice Department and announced that 450 law enforcement officials from as far away as New York had smashed the notorious P Street Crew. Davis was implicated as the mastermind and portrayed on television every night for nearly a week as yet another so-called black coke kingpin in handcuffs.

Davis said he had tried to help one of the youths "get his act together" by giving him a job as an office cleaner and messenger in his car-leasing company. According to Davis's attorney, the relationship was distorted by an informer who was bargaining with police in a desperate bid to keep himself out of prison.

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