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Schlafly's Son, Out of the Closet; Homosexual Backs Mother's Views, Attacks `Screechy Gay Activists'
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The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Blumenfeld, Laura
Date: Sep 19, 1992
Start Page: d.01
Section: STYLE

John Schlafly, the son of Republican family values crusader Phyllis Schlafly, acknowledged yesterday that he is a homosexual. But he came out swinging at gay leaders rather than at the GOP, which has been accused of vilifying homosexuals.

"I think there has been a hysterical overreaction in the gay community" to the Republican platform, said John Schlafly, a 41-year-old attorney who lives and works with his mother in Alton, Ill. "We have a band of screechy gay activists and Washington-based pressure groups who get all the attention. The truth is: Family values people, of which my mother is a part, are not out to bash gay people."

John Schlafly said he believes that existing state sodomy laws and anti-gay employment policies were "archaic" and should be repealed. John Schlafly's views on the Republicans are in marked contrast to those of Diane Mosbacher, the lesbian daughter of Bush campaign finance chairman Robert Mosbacher. She has spoken out against what she perceives as the party's demonization of homosexuals. "I couldn't see it more differently," said Mosbacher. "Poor guy, my heart goes out to him."

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