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Gangsta Rap': Rhyme That Pays
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Griffin, Gil
Date: Nov 29, 1991
Start Page: n.20
Section: WEEKEND

Tim Dog "Penicillin on Wax" (Ruffhouse/Columbia). The first "dis" album to appear in quite some time, this member of the Ultramagnetic M.C.s strikes out at such compton hip-hop luminaries as NWA and DJ Qik. But the Bronx rapper doesn't realize that for as much as he's dissing NWA on cuts such as "(Expletive) Compton" and "Intro," he's riding their coattails. Would the brother have anything at all to say if NWA's Dr. Dre hadn't assaulted popular "Pump It Up" TV hostess Dee Barnes? For all his chastising of Dr. Dre for physically abusing women, Tim Dog abuses them verbally. And his ludicrous growling, barking and howling on "Dog's Gonna Get'cha" makes you wish he'd go out like Old Yeller.

415 "Nu Niggaz on tha Blokkk" (Priority). And speaking of NWA, this Oakland crew comes off as an NWA tribute band (as if that's anything to aspire to). From their black shirts and khaki pants to completely unoriginal song titles such as "Goin' Hard on a Bitch," "Lifestyle as a Gangsta," and "Nuttin' but a Come Up" (a phrase former NWA member Ice Cube introduced on one of his older songs), this group has little, if anything, going for it.

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