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The Resurrection of Malcolm X; 25 Years After His Assassination, Rekindled Interest in the Slain Activist
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Mills, David
Date: Feb 25, 1990
Start Page: f.01
Section: STYLE

Most scholars have ignored these travels, according to [Paul Lee], who recently returned from a five-week visit to Europe. "The best interviews I have seen with Malcolm are not even in English. They are in French and Arabic. Malcolm is still highly regarded in the Islamic world. Malcolm is still highly regarded in the African world. They've got stamps of [Malcolm X] in Africa.

The rift began when Malcolm investigated rumors in 1963 that Muhammad had fathered children by a number of his young secretaries. According to the autobiography, the realization that Muhammad could betray his own puritanical teachings by committing adultery was devastating to Malcolm. Wallace D. Muhammad, one of [Elijah Muhammad]'s sons and a close friend of Malcolm's, confirmed it. Malcolm confronted Elijah Muhammad directly; he acknowledged it.

That comment made headlines across the country, and Elijah Muhammad announced that Malcolm X would be officially "silenced" for a short time. But because of the adultery issue-Malcolm's loss of faith in Muhammad, and Muhammad's loss of trust in Malcolm-this punishment escalated into a permanent expulsion from the Nation of Islam.

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