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Harmonic Convergence: Why Report It With Such Disrespect?
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Date: Aug 22, 1987
Start Page: a.21
Section: OP/ED

In astrology, the degrees of a grand trine and other aspects need not, as [Leroy Doggett] believes, be exact. Doggett, stating that Jupiter "will be at 30 degrees {of Aries}," claims that in order to form a trine, another planet should be positioned at 150 degrees, and Mars and Venus, at 146 and 141 degrees, do not qualify. But astrology observes what is termed an "orb," or variance of several degrees, in determining aspects among planets. In this case, the sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus all fall within the allowed orb, creating a major part of the grand trine.

The present configuration is highly unusual, and on Aug. 24 it will become extraordinary. According to Neil Michelsen's "The American Ephemeris," on Monday, the sun, moon and six of the eight planets will be part of the grand trine, with the sun, moon, Mars and Venus in exact conjunction on the first degree of Virgo and Mercury in conjunction on the fourth degree of Virgo. What this bodes for planet Earth is conjectural. While trines are generally considered benevolent, grand trines are not necessarily an unmixed blessing. There should, however, be some remarkably talented babies born this week.

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