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Eugene McCarthy & the Shadows of Time; A Maverick's Memories: The Ex-Senator Holds Forth
[FINAL Edition]
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C.
Author: Naughton, Jim
Date: Jun 2, 1987
Start Page: c.01
Section: STYLE

The campaign deteriorated into a clash of personalities between two candidates with similar stands on the issues. Yet some of the damage done to McCarthy's campaign was self-inflicted. Even true believers, the people with the FMBNH (For McCarthy Before New Hampshire) buttons, were having their doubts. "Every two weeks or so McCarthy would do, or not do, something which again brought into question his suitability for the presidency," wrote Ben Stavis in his 1969 book, "We Were the Campaign."

Instead McCarthy spent 10 days on the Riviera and covered the World Series for Life magazine. [Hubert Humphrey] was grieved to the end of his life by what he regarded as McCarthy's desertion. "Had McCarthy campaigned early and hard for me and the Democratic Party, he might have turned it," he wrote in his autobiography.

Friends say they grew apart during the campaign as McCarthy enjoyed his celebrity. Larry Merthan, McCarthy's lawyer and first legislative aide, says McCarthy became impatient with his wife's perfectionism. "He'd come into the office with a list in the morning, `Call Jesse Unruh to wish him Happy Birthday.' His whole day was mapped out and he got tired of it. Mind you, she was a good politician," he says.

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