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The Anti-Hit List
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Sakamoto, John
Date: Nov 29, 2008
Start Page: E.4
Section: Entertainment
Abstract (Document Summary)

Exhibiting more than a touch of the beat behind U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday," and revelling in the almost sulky repetitiveness of the lyrics ("I like her, she likes me / I like her, she likes me"), this feels like "the one that doesn't belong" from this young London band's repertoire. Which may also be what makes it stand out. (

There's a hint of Cat Power's aching vulnerability and Juliana Hatfield's skewed pop sensibility in this affecting track from Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Kim Ware. Equal parts resignation ("Some things really just aren't meant to last") and rationalization ("Sometime to get a win it takes a loss"), it is also savvy enough to recognize the impact of a few well-placed handclaps. (Thanks to Toronto's Snob's Music blog for pointing the way. From Sunset Over Saxapahaw,

Though this mash-up's source material is roughly contemporaneous - the former's brooding "Roxanne" came out in 1978, two years after the latter's thumping "You Should Be Dancing" - that shared time frame is hardly enough to make these disparate hits seem like compatible bedfellows. And yet, stripped of its reggae-flavoured rhythm, Sting's ode to a prostitute sounds perfectly at home amid the Gibb brothers' sleazy disco rumble. (

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