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Info at the heart of it all; Suit may push doctors to reveal patents on devices
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Laidlaw, Stuart
Date: Oct 21, 2008
Start Page: L.4
Section: Life
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[Patrick McCarthy], who denies the device was experimental, didn't tell [Antonitsa Vlahoulis] he had invented the device before implanting it in her body to fix a leaky heart valve in April 2006. "I do not know which device I will use until during the surgery, when I've repaired the valve," he told the online journal heartwire. "I have a range of products available - none are experimental or investigational - and, of course, only choose the device best suited to the patient whether I invented it or not."

"If you're a patient, you want to be absolutely certain that your welfare is the foremost concern of the clinician who is treating you," [Jonathan Kimmelman], whose primary area of study is the ethical issues around research studies, told the Star.

"There are many good people who do research and move the field forward, and the relationship between physicians and the industry is critical, particularly for medical devices," he said, adding "there has been a lot of public concern and backlash about those relationships."

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