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Jews of the old shul; Only three of the many small Orthodox congregations in downtown Jewish neighbourhoods remain These synagogues are kept alive and often financially assisted by families with historical affiliations
[ONT Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Silverstein, Barbara
Date: Sep 23, 2006
Start Page: L.10
Section: Religion
Abstract (Document Summary)

Today, the Markham Shul, along with the Anshei Minsk and the Kiever Congregation, two synagogues in Kensington Market, are the only historic Orthodox congregations remaining downtown. And while the demographic fallout has taken a toll, the synagogues have rebounded, not to their former glory, but with small but loyal congregations propelling them on.

Similarly, retired engineer David Pinkus, 81, president of the [Kiever], has been the driving force behind the 95-year old congregation for 25 years. He oversees weekly services, fundraising and the ongoing renovations. A civic-minded person who has served on many community boards, Pinkus acknowledges that his historic ties to the Kiever also keep him involved. His parents, Isadore and Malkah, were founding members.

In this regard, the Minsk appears to be a poor cousin to the Kiever, a synagogue of the same vintage with a similar style sanctuary. They both have large central domes. Unlike the Minsk, however, the Kiever has undergone major restoration work. The polished carved wood furnishings of the sanctuary gleam as do the white ceramic floors of the newly renovated social hall.

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