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A start on shoring up lakefront
[ONT Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Hume, Christopher
Date: Jul 14, 2006
Start Page: B.03
Section: GTA
Abstract (Document Summary)

Until then, Queens Quay will be reduced temporarily to two lanes of one-way traffic, westbound. The Martin Goodman Trail, which currently ends at Spadina and doesn't start again until east of Jarvis St., will be extended through the central waterfront.

More important, however, are the future of the waterfront, its revitalization and the completion of the city. Torontonians have listened to promises for years about how the waterfront will one day be reconnected with the city and once again become part of their lives.

One thing no one raised was the possibility the plan might succeed too well. What if Torontonians decide they want the rest of the city handed back to them, not just the waterfront? What if they decided they're sick of overcrowded streets, endless gridlock, underfunded transit, overly narrow sidewalks lined with dead trees and breathing filthy, exhaust-filled air?

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