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Forgotten in media's culture gap; Ethnic radio, TV fill in the blanks Mainstream effort often tokenistic
[ONT Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Whyte, Murray
Date: Jun 24, 2006
Start Page: H.15
Section: Arts
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[Sahota] has seen some progress over the years, but not nearly enough. "The mainstream media, in my view, is what encourages ethnic communities to stay ethnic. They don't seem to view them as Canadian," he says. "It's very black and white. If you carry on every day telling me, 'I'm Indian, I'm Indian, I'm Indian,' I'll eventually say all right, if that's what you're happy with, that's what I'll be."

"My dad's goal was always to help people integrate. He would encourage people to stay, to become Canadian, to make it their home," Lombardi says. "He knew that if people could flip on the radio and hear local programming in their own language from the local community, they would feel a much greater sense of belonging, and that's extremely important."

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