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Following the indie-yuppie herd; 'I may work for The Man 9-to-5, but at heart I'm still a starving undergrad with a pure taste' What was once a grassroots, economically accessible scene is now big business, writes Dana Brown
[ONT Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Brown, Dana
Date: Jun 13, 2005
Start Page: A.03
Section: News
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[Adam Shore]'s comments were originally just a passing remark about what he felt was an "indie-yuppie establishment" crop of bands coming out. He called the music of several "indie-yuppie" artists "boring" and likened their work to "fancy-coffee-drinking, Volvo-riding music for kids."

"If you use your iTunes as a source for 'indie' music and your iPod as a fashion accessory you may, nay, are an indie-yuppie," read one posting.

[Ryan Austin] is an avid blogger and voracious reader - he's always scanning the Internet to see what's new, hip and happening. "A blog is part of the identity of an indie-yuppie nowadays," he says. "You have your iPod and you have your blog because you're going to listen to it and then you're going to talk about it."

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