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A parent who knows his Destiny; Crave stardom? Meet Mathew Knowles and get ready to work
[ONT Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Infantry, Ashante
Date: Mar 20, 2005
Start Page: C.09
Section: Entertainment
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"When I manage I'm not the father. When it comes to Destiny's Child, I can't look out for what's best for [Beyonce]. I have to look out for what's best for the group. I get very annoyed that [Kelly Rowland] and [Michelle Williams] are not recognized by the media for what they've accomplished Kelly's solo album sold 2 million copies worldwide and Michelle had a No. 1 gospel album and nobody even wants to talk about it."

"Tina, my wife, has done an exceptional job styling Beyonce and Destiny's Child - five wardrobe changes, five hair changes at the Oscars - but she doesn't get credit for it because she's her mother. I met Tina at a party in Houston. She was there with a guy. When he went downstairs I went over and said, 'Are you with your boyfriend?' And she said, 'No, but he's acting like I'm his girlfriend.' So I asked if I could take her to lunch on Monday and she said yes. Noon Monday I go over to MasterCard and they say no Tina Beyince worked there. I thought she dissed me. A year later, I bump into her in the middle of the street. I said, 'Oh yeah, you're the person that told me she worked at MasterCard.' She said 'Fool, get out of the street; I didn't tell you I worked at MasterCard, I told you I worked at Visa.' What struck me about her? Woo! She was damn good looking! But she was also a good person in heart and spirit."

REUTERS PHOTORichard Lautens TORONTO STAR [Mathew Knowles] quit his job selling medical equipment to help his daughter Beyonce pursue her singing dreams. He put together the hit trio Destiny's Child, which features, below from left, Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Today he continues to scout new talent.

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