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A spin around the clock with Sydney Blu; Four gigs are all in a night's work The music doesn't stop until morning
[ONT Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Martin, Miguel
Date: Mar 28, 2004
Start Page: B.04
Section: Metropolis
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11 30 p.m. [Hill] makes her way down the road to Blue Agave, also on Queen St. W., where Robert Burgess is celebrating his 27th birthday. Sydney Blu is the headliner; the two are friends from school days.

1 30 a.m. After settling up at Blue Agave, Hill makes a quick stop at her west-end home, where she is welcomed by her eight- month-old puppy, Sydney Black. "Definitely an extension of me - my best extension," she says of her dog. She grabs "Born Too Slow."

At Film, there are three turntables. After one song starts playing, she cues up a second on another turntable. Listening through headphones, she adjusts the speed of that song until it is at the same pace as the first song. Then she makes sure the rhythms are in sync with the song being played. The volume is raised on the second turntable and the two beats overlap. The first song is gradually faded out.

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