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If you can re-mix music, why not art? ; K.I.A. show has fun pop-art feel
[Ontario Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Date: Apr 18, 2002
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Besides, K.I.A. is how he signs his "large reconfigurable paintings with technological/tribal/musical themes" at Gallery 401, until April 27, where their original shapes will be altered by hand throughout the run of the exhibition. (K.I.A.'s smaller pieces are at John Steinberg's studio salon 585 King St. W. to April 30.)

K.I.A. serves all sorts of functions. For starters, it's is a brand for a range of projects and products. K.I.A also has an internationalist, exotic feel to it. He is big on worldbeat and tribal culture, and samples everything from Japanese manga cartooning to cave drawings for his visual work.

Complication is built into K.I.A.'s multi-task art life. Wednesday's mega re-mix will also serve to launch ...adieu shinjuku zulu... a CD that K.I.A. wrote, arranged and produced, bringing in a posse of friends to meet special musical needs, such as singing.

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