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Sinful alterations ruin boxed chocolates
[Ontario Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Date: Mar 27, 2002
Start Page: D.04
Section: FOOD
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Replaced by several, different, multi-coloured boxes, which Nestle brand marketing manager Janis Coburn- to whom I complained bitterly- assured me contained the same high-quality Black Magic chocolates that were first introduced in 1931. In a black box. It was decided to "review the packaging," she said.

Nestle, not content with slapping my eyes and memories, have committed a third sin: they have mixed the original dark chocolates with upstart milk chocolates, all in one box. Now, you can get a box of all dark (original), a box of all milk (upstart) or a box of mixed (ugggh!).

That came after a breakfast of salt cod done with salt pork, onion, thyme, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and green banana. There was also a Barbadian dish known as souse (pickled pork parts), boiled flour dumplings, boiled or roasted (or both) yam- and that's real, heavy-ass West Indian yellow yam or renta yam, not the lightweight North American sweet potato- hard dough bread and peg bread, guava jelly and ham, always ham, which she made herself. Salty homemade ham, with a sweet, sticky, pineapple and brown sugar glaze.

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