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Money honey Vaughn turns Disturbingly evil
[Ontario Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Date: Nov 2, 2001
Start Page: 03
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He and [Jon Favreau] are still good buds and collaborators, most recently in the undervalued Made, in which [Vince Vaughn] hilariously plays what is arguably one of the most irritating characters on film. Even more irritating than Rob Schneider.

Then there was the shoot-out at the Firebelly Lounge. During filming of Disturbance in April in Wilmington, N.C., a 21-year-old stabbed co-star Steve Buscemi in the head, throat and arm while he and Vaughn were in the bar.

"Thanks for asking," Vaughn replied. "We weren't allowed to talk about it at the time. This kid was on prescription drugs and flipped out. Thankfully everyone's okay and I have forgiveness for him. Steve was attacked; it wasn't provoked. When it came out, the kid had threatened other people in the bar.

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