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A finger-lickin' Ribfest ; Ribbing teams from U.S. and Canada compete on Ontario's summer festival circuit
[Ontario Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Date: Sep 5, 2001
Start Page: D.01
Section: FOOD
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We're to rank the appearance, tenderness and taste of piping-hot ribs in 12 numbered containers spread out in a roped-off section of the beer tent. Tender baby back ribs and heftier side ribs are to be treated equally. Scores range from 1 (worst barbecue you've had) to 9 (best barbecue you've had).

Red Devil ribbers smoke side ribs for 21/2 hours over hickory chips in a Southern Pride Smoke Chef. They "relax the meat" in a heat-and-hold oven for 30 minutes at 150F, warm it on a propane grill and baste it with sauce for the final 5 to 10 minutes on a maple-fuelled grill.

simon wilson for the toronto star LIP-SMACKING FEAST: Burlington's Keith Mason {ldquo}lives for ribs,{rdquo} so he's in his element when 12 ribbing teams compete at Rotary Ribfest.

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